Back… At Last

I was the original owner of this domain name. didn’t exist before I registered it over a decade ago.

For years I used it to chronicle the events of my life, albeit somewhat intermittently.  This was before FaceBook.  Before Twitter.  And it’s safe to say I had some pretty significant moments captured on the original site.

Then, sometime in 2009, I missed the re-registration of the domain that was due.  It came up right around the time we bought our house in Arizona.  We were packing, moving, and starting over, and it was just one of those things that fell through the cracks.

I lost the domain.  For three years, it was hosting some Asian dude’s blog.  I have no idea what it said.  But I hated that I’d let it lapse, and no longer owned the domain that had been uniquely mine for almost as long as there had been an Internet for people to surf.  It had grown into a family page.  I expected my kids to manage it some day.

I’ve had a GoDaddy backorder on the domain for a few years now.  And, guess what?

The backorder worked.

I got the notice today.  I threw it on my hosting plan and blasted WordPress on it within minutes.  It’s a lot easier to build a blog site today than it was in 2000, but I’ve been waiting three and a half years to publish this post. belongs to the Brown family again.  And it feels good to be home.