I’ve read comic books since I was old enough to read.  The tales of super heroes have always fascinated and enthralled me.  It is a pleasure I am glad to share with my son.

But today, my daughter wanted a graphic novel.  And I was struck by how much the comic book industry has failed little girls.  There were two options with female heroines: a Cat woman novel in which she fights thugs in her lingerie on the opening page, and a thirty dollar Wonder Woman hardback filled with more bloodshed than a Frank Miller novel.

In short, there was nothing appropriate for a seven year old girl, and that disappoints me greatly.

Best Gameday Giveaway Ever



I hate having to replace my work laptop.  Every now and then, the machine breaks down, and more often than not, it’s just more efficient for the PC service folks to throw a new machine at the problem.  In most cases, I get an identical machine, and it’s a simple hard drive swap, which minimizes the recovery time for me.  But when I complained that my machine was only getting about 20 minutes of use on battery, I was told they no longer kept spares because it was on the refresh list.

This meant that unless my department shells out cash for a new battery, I needed to move to a whole new model.  Which means no easy hard drive swap.  While they do a solid job of transferring data and most of my settings, there are a good number of applications I use that don’t fall under the standard build and thus have to be manually restored to their normal working state.

It’s tedious, but for the first time, I felt like it was worth it. 

The HP EliteBook 2560p that I was issued is without question the fastest work machine I’ve ever used.  The Intel Core i5-2520M processor is insanely fast, and everything I do on the machine is noticeably more responsive.  Not to mention the form factor is lighter and smaller than my last laptop. 

And, of course, my battery life is outstanding.  I could work for 6 hours on this thing without having to plug it in. 

Well done, HP.  You’ve produced a mid-level notebook that doesn’t suck. 


So I’m on a lot of different social networks. 

I use Facebook a lot.  I use Twitter almost as much.  I have LinkedIn and Google+ accounts I hardly ever use.  I think you can tell I don’t think too much of Instagram.  And Lord only knows what else they’ll come up with next.

I like social networking.  I think it’s a fantastic way to share news and ideas and keep in touch with family.  But I also think it’s overkill.  And while there’s a certain art to fitting a clever status update into the confines of a Twitter post, I think we could all stand to embrace a slightly longer attention span.

So, I’m going to try to post most of the good stuff here.  Because then I’m not held to the whim of a company that may or may not go the way of MySpace in the future.  I can still share the posts I make here on Twitter (which automatically shares to Facebook…) and keep all my social network friends in the loop, but I also like the idea of owning my own online real estate and presenting it how I want, free of advertising and independent of whether or not the venture capital runs out on the current online fad.

Same photo


…using Android Gallery app.



*** Edit – works much better.  Publishes the actual photo right in the post.


Just messing around with Instagram.

** Edit:  What a pain in the ass of an app.  Maybe it’s better for iPhone users, but I doubt it.  The web interface is a joke.  It published that link originally without a hyperlink or any paragraph formatting.  I don’t understand why people think this program is so great.