Now is the Time to Upgrade to Windows 8

If you don’t mind spending an extra $160, by all means, wait until February 1.

Currently, you can purchase a Windows 8 Pro digital upgrade for just $39.99.  But when January is over, the price skyrockets to $199.99.

The Windows 8 Media Center Pack will also cost you $9.99 on February 1 – you can get it free right now here.

Windows 8 is not an essential upgrade from Windows 7, but it is a good one, and its worth getting cheap while you still can.

The new Metro interface has been much maligned, but I’ll be writing a future post on how you can get your familiar Windows 7 interface back with minimal effort, and still enjoy all the benefits of Windows 8.

Get the full details on Windows 8 pricing at the Windows Blog here.