So I’m on a lot of different social networks. 

I use Facebook a lot.  I use Twitter almost as much.  I have LinkedIn and Google+ accounts I hardly ever use.  I think you can tell I don’t think too much of Instagram.  And Lord only knows what else they’ll come up with next.

I like social networking.  I think it’s a fantastic way to share news and ideas and keep in touch with family.  But I also think it’s overkill.  And while there’s a certain art to fitting a clever status update into the confines of a Twitter post, I think we could all stand to embrace a slightly longer attention span.

So, I’m going to try to post most of the good stuff here.  Because then I’m not held to the whim of a company that may or may not go the way of MySpace in the future.  I can still share the posts I make here on Twitter (which automatically shares to Facebook…) and keep all my social network friends in the loop, but I also like the idea of owning my own online real estate and presenting it how I want, free of advertising and independent of whether or not the venture capital runs out on the current online fad.