I hate having to replace my work laptop.  Every now and then, the machine breaks down, and more often than not, it’s just more efficient for the PC service folks to throw a new machine at the problem.  In most cases, I get an identical machine, and it’s a simple hard drive swap, which minimizes the recovery time for me.  But when I complained that my machine was only getting about 20 minutes of use on battery, I was told they no longer kept spares because it was on the refresh list.

This meant that unless my department shells out cash for a new battery, I needed to move to a whole new model.  Which means no easy hard drive swap.  While they do a solid job of transferring data and most of my settings, there are a good number of applications I use that don’t fall under the standard build and thus have to be manually restored to their normal working state.

It’s tedious, but for the first time, I felt like it was worth it. 

The HP EliteBook 2560p that I was issued is without question the fastest work machine I’ve ever used.  The Intel Core i5-2520M processor is insanely fast, and everything I do on the machine is noticeably more responsive.  Not to mention the form factor is lighter and smaller than my last laptop. 

And, of course, my battery life is outstanding.  I could work for 6 hours on this thing without having to plug it in. 

Well done, HP.  You’ve produced a mid-level notebook that doesn’t suck.